Special Projects

Seaview’s Got Talent 2023

Following the success of Seaview’s Got Talent 2022, we were thrilled to put on a show again this year! The show was a huge success and everyone made it a night to remember!

A huge thank you to our RADAR team for organising such an amazing event and bringing it all together, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Seaview’s Masks

🎭“The whole world is a stage, and everyone picks their part.” 🎭

We all wear masks for different reasons: for protection, to hide, to feel seen.

As part of ‘A Town Explores a Book’, Seaview service users have created expressive art exploring the masks we wear. In this short film, they tell us how they feel about the symbolism behind wearing a mask.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Imogen White from ‘Hello Polly Copywriters’ for supporting our service users, helping them to find their voices and stories. And thank you also to ‘Town Explores a Book’ and ‘Explore the Arch’ for kindly funding the exhibition.

Our Wellbeing Centre is open to anyone and everyone so if you’re ever in need of some advice, comfort or even just a friendly chat- pop in and visit us! 💙

Now You See Me

Now You See Me is a project made possible by funding from Arts Council England, helping to communicate marginalised voices and share the stories and dreams of our service users through a creative silhouette project.

Thanks to our RADAR team and Now You See Me organisers Leslie Samms, Imogen White and Suzan Aral – we celebrated in an exhibition that took part on the 1st June 2022 at Seaview which was attended by the Mayor of Hastings, and our silhouettes are scattered amongst various community buildings throughout Hastings and St Leonards.

Seaview’s Got Talent 2022

Seaview is full of so much talent; we had poets, singers, dancers and comedians all under one roof! Our service users and staff put on an absolutely unforgettable show, and it was so wonderful to come together and celebrate one another’s journeys. 

A huge thank you to our RADAR team for organising such an amazing event and bringing it all together, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Bloom Britannia

The Seaview choir alongside Barefoot Opera took part in “Bloom Britannia”, an opera that has been 4 years in the making and is inspired by life in a coastal town in modern Britain. 

This was a truly inclusive project, with people from various backgrounds, ages and experience culminating together to put on an incredible show. We had an absolute blast getting to represent Seaview and sing as a team, thank you so much to Barefoot Opera for all the hard work in creating something so spectacular!

Christmas Carols

Our Christmas Carol concert takes part in December every year, where we encourage people in the community to join us in a celebration of the year and our service users’ talents, whilst highlighting the need for funds and fundraising projects – especially at harsh times such as winter. Last year we were joined by the mayor and local musicians such as the Sea Tones, The Father The Son and Archie Norris, as well as support with our Seaview choir from Barefoot Opera.

Painting the Prom

From Monday 17th May – 31st May, our service users took part along with 16 other mural artists in ‘Painting the Prom’. This involved painting the suntrap booths by Goat Ledge café on Hastings Promenade to fit in with the theme ‘DAY DREAMING’.

Painting through rain and shine, they’ve created some absolutely beautiful work – inspired to encourage people to get their photograph taken with the wings.

“A lot of the time what we do at Seaview is tucked inside the building, for example our gym mural, so it’s nice to have a profile that’s really visible and shows a real positive connection to the community – and will be here for years to come.”

A huge thank you to Rebecca Child for helping us come up with the design and helping our service users put this together!

Woodland Project

“It’s nice to get away from the screens and the chaos of everyday life and just enjoy nature”

Seaview was invited to take part in Wood People Connective’s ‘Wilding Festival’ between 5th-13th June 2021! With the assistance and creative expertise of James Roseveare, we created a timber sculpture for attendees to visit and interact with.

It was a wonderfully organised event designed to ease out of our lives in lockdown and back into the open air; nature is a unifying force and the woodland became a magical outdoor community space to meet, be inspired, learn, play, create and rewild ourselves!

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